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Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison



Chris has always loved food and being in the kitchen. Upon graduating from high school, Chris attended Rutgers University and was a landscape architect major. But his love and passion for food won out. At the age of 22, Chris enrolled at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, NJ where he earned his Associate Degree in Culinary Arts.

Chris has worked in all aspects of the food industry from corporate dining, hospitals, formal dining and catering. But being in recovery himself, he knew his true calling was to work with others trying to recover.

Chris likes to call the meals he prepares at Voyage upscale comfort food. Knowing the importance of a healthy diet early in recovery, Chris gets input from the clients of their likes and dislikes and incorporates these into their weekly menu.

In his free time, Chris loves spending time with his wife (who he met in recovery) and his two stepsons, and their four dogs. He loves rooting for his hometown New York sports teams and is an avid saltwater aquarium hobbyist.

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