Miami Yacht Soiree

Hosting committee of the Third Annual Miami Yacht Soiree
(L to R) Tom Parker, Lindner Center; Jim Holsomback, Mclean Hospital; Silvia Almeida Vaquero and Alma Quagliato, The Counseling Group; Stacy Flacquer, Lifeskills South Florida; Aniko Olah, Pasadena Villa; Jennifer Carlo, The Counseling Group

On February 21, 2019, we gathered together with an elite group of premier treatment providers and top area clinicians. Our goal was build new relationships and share our insights on innovative approaches and cutting edge treatment for substance use disorders.

It was a pleasure to share an evening with The Counseling Group, Lifeskills South Florida, Pasadena Villa, McLean Hospital, and Lindner Center of HOPE.

As an exclusive addiction treatment program for young adult men in South Florida, it's important to us to be active participants in our local professional community. We believe wholeheartedly in our approach of combining intensive clinical work with engaging experiential activities. Sharing what we've learned from the young men we serve helps us to continually improve, innovate, and help other young men find recovery.

Keep scrolling for more photos of this magical evening - we hope you enjoy!

Patrick and Ryan of Voyage Recovery Center with Stacy Flaquer (far left) and Stephen Timmer (far right)
Stacy Flaquer; Patrick Balsley and Ryan Potter, Voyage Recovery Center; Stephen Timmer, Intervention Success