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Young men can get better and stay better when they have an opportunity to heal in a support environment. Voyage Recovery provides vital, strengthening challenges to a man's physical, mental and emotional self.

The Voyage Recovery Center model is simple: intensive, comprehensive, and unrelenting support for young men and their families from the very first phone call. 


We have created an exclusive program that combines evidence-based therapy with innovative experiential activities to draw men out and help them gain valuable new perspectives on themselves and their environment. 


Our limited-enrollment program helps men enjoy an undiluted experience of recovery support, receive personalized attention from our clinical staff, and build strong bonds of friendship and fellowship with the other men in the program. 


Young men have a better chance at recovery when they have the support of their family, so our program includes ongoing family support and an immersive family program. 



An elite team of dedicated, passionate and knowledgable professionals devoted to patient care. 


We help young adult men, 18-35, with substance use disorder or dual diagnosis, and their families.

"Excellent program with exceptional team. Voyage Recovery is steadfast in their mission and vision. Highly recommend this program for men."
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