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Voyage Recovery

PROGRAM / community

We believe that being part of a community is vital to the recovery of the young men at Voyage. Addiction breeds isolation; young men distance themselves from family and friends as these people interfere with their ability to use. 

Family, friendship and fellowship

Our program teaches accountability and healthy interdependence through a practical rebuilding of a community, which we define as family, the men at the house, and the people of Martin and Palm Beach County. We support strong boundaries and healthy communication as necessary elements in the restoration of family.


Each patient’s definition of family is unique. It may include parents, siblings, extended relatives, close friends, and academic or professional mentors. Each of these individuals have the ability to share truths about the impact of drug and alcohol use that the patient may not see on his own. At intake, the Voyage staff gathers this information and offers the family a voice in treatment. We encourage this accountability and inclusion to combat the denial that sustains addiction.


Learning to be leaders and team players

The Voyage program, and the relationships forged there through hard hours of revelatory work in group, offers a new sense of community. The men hold each other accountable, support each other, and challenge each other daily. Each individual is responsible for their part, no one can sit out while other men do the work. Cleaning, helping make meals, and therapeutic responsibilities like mentoring new arrivals at Voyage, are all action steps that define community living. 


Beyond the house, the men spend time contributing to a cleaner environment or helping those less fortunate in Martin and Palm Beach County. Through our approach we hope to ignite a key shift in perspective: that there is so much more to be gained by showing up and giving back to your community than hiding or taking from it.

Your family’s recovery
is the journey of a lifetime

You’ve made it this far on your own,

 let us guide you through the next phase of your journey. 

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