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Our Residences
Ocean House | Country House

The Voyage Residence Experience

The Voyage residences are designed with a commitment to creating sacred spaces for recovery. One home sits on the Indian River Lagoon as it extends to Jupiter Inlet. Another home is nestled in the woods near Jonathan Dickinson Park. Both residences are open and expansive, and reflect our belief that in the sun and saltwater, recovery is possible.

Young men get better together

We are earnest about the men spending their time together, and isolation is not an option. Each floor has a dedicated common area. The communal area on the garden level is for reflection. Unlike the other common areas of the house, this space is quiet and meant for contemplation and introspection. The second floor is the central nervous system of the house. This is where the men share meals and are briefed on the schedule of the day. The third floor is where the men can relax, connect with each other, and learn how to develop healthy relationships. 

Bon appétit

Considering the hard work of treatment and the rigorous clinical schedule the men follow, Voyage makes sure that meals and snacks are never lacking. Each floor is equipped with a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. A full-time in-house chef, himself a young man in recovery, creates nutritious and delicious meals for our patients. Each Sunday we host a community dinner and the men have the opportunity to cook for each other as well as visiting family members and members of the recovery community. 

Peace and tranquility

Moving away from the communal areas to bedrooms, the goal of healthy interdependence is counter-balanced with quiet, comfortable space. Building home life into recovery, the bedrooms are well-appointed, simple, and meant for sleeping, rather than isolating. The bedrooms all have ample storage for the personal items, and the men have access to laundry facilities (as well as any instruction needed to take advantage of those amenities) on each floor. Bathrooms are shared, plentiful on each floor, and dedicated to specific bedrooms. 

Everyone pitches in

Understanding the importance of personal responsibility, and the need to maintain focus on recovery, the cleanliness of the house is a shared task. Voyage does the heavy lifting, but daily maintenance of personal and common spaces is shared by all residents. 


Sunshine and Saltwater Recovery ​

Outdoor living is a critical component of the experience at Voyage. Each floor opens to an expansive veranda facing the water. At ground level, the men have access to the Voyage dock where so many experiential outings will be staged. 


The house and the land at the residence have been thoughtfully designed to create and nurture opportunities to reflect and grow towards a life of recovery. 

The House

The Ocean House

Situated on the Indian River Lagoon and Jupiter estuary, a transitional waterway joining river and ocean, this brackish water is teeming with life. 

This is more than a house: it's a home with a heart. Our beautiful three-story house has all the comforts of home, including spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, luxe and comfortable common areas, and two well-appointed kitchens staffed by a full-time chef. The house and grounds have been thoughtfully designed to create opportunities for our men to gather as a community or quietly reflect on their own.

Ocean House

The Country House

Nestled against the woods of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, a vast and serene nature preserve full of native foliage and animals. This is where Mother Nature meets modern luxury.

Situated on two and half acres, the sprawling open-concept house is airy and free-flowing, seamlessly uniting indoor and outdoor areas. With beautiful and spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, plus large and comfortable common areas, the house is for men once they've reach higher level phases. 

The beautiful saltwater pool is where men practice rockwalking and becoming free dive certified. The stretch of land behind the house is perfect for many of our sports and other activities. 

Farm House
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