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Voyage Recovery

PROGRAM / therapy

We blend multiple approaches into a structured daily schedule that challenges the men to do the intensely introspective work that recovery demands while shoulder-to-shoulder with their brothers.

Developing honesty, vulnerability and accountability

Group therapy is the single-most effective therapeutic approach in substance use disorder treatment. It mirrors what most people experience in their lives: finding their identity in a system of people, navigating personal feelings while listening to others, taking risks about personal issues with peers, bonding, confronting, and holding each other accountable. These are all skills necessary for a balanced and productive life. 


Group also gives young men breathing room to consider the topic at hand while another man is sharing, to reflect on someone else’s issues, to develop empathy, and frequently to find the courage to share their own demons after another man has shared his. 


The groups employ a range of exploratory techniques facilitated by the counselor, and focus on themes of honesty, accountability, and empathy. Addiction strips away all those principles, and rebuilding them takes time and practice. Group therapy occurs several times a day at Voyage, and each group focuses on issues relevant to the men in treatment at that time. 


Support for the whole family's recovery 

The family is asked to participate in groups during the family program week. They have the opportunity to hear their own loved one, to share their own issues, and to benefit from the sounding board made up of the group of men who support their family member. 


One-on-one support for young men

Individual therapy and family conferences are weekly events, typically consisting of a counselor, the patient, and the family. Sometimes nursing and other clinical staff may be involved in those approaches. 


Rewiring the brain with experiential activities

Experiential therapy is critical for the young men at Voyage as they reignite reward pathways. As they start rewiring their brain, young men seek healthy experiences for pleasure and fulfillment versus the quick fix of a drug or a drink. We offer two experiential opportunities each week. Led by a counselor and a wilderness first responder, these events are built to inspire healthy fun and service to the community—ethics we hope each man continues to honor once they leave Voyage. 


The treatment program at Voyage unites self, family, and environment through practice, and more practice in redefining healthy relationships in all three areas.


Voyage Recovery Center treats patients who have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder, and a co-occuring or comorbid or dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder.

When treating young men with a dual diagnosis, the Voyage psychiatric team collaborates with a patient’s physician and case history to ensure effective tandem treatment. 

Treatment planning is tailored to each patient to accommodate variations in patient needs, such as when there is a co-occurring mental health disorder. Our therapeutic approach is to treat the whole patient, addressing the entirety of a man’s symptoms at once. The clinical team creates a treatment plan tailored to the individual, and employs a range of evidence-based modalities appropriate for his unique set of symptoms.

Dual Diagnosis
Your family’s recovery
is the journey of a lifetime

You’ve made it this far on your own,

 let us guide you through the next phase of your journey. 

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