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Voyage Recovery


Young men find purpose and passion in recovery

Voyage has built an integrative approach to recovery that addresses self, family and the environment. We help patients and their families find and nurture genuine confidence in their ability to sustain lifelong remission.


Our program is infused with support, guidance, and compassion when it comes to finding one’s purpose and passion in recovery through the maintenance of balance, boundaries and healthy communication. 


A balanced program of therapy, community, and fun


It’s not magic. We offer a thoughtfully constructed program that removes the barriers and obstacles that young men seeking recovery often face. As much as possible we have created a world inside our treatment center that mirrors a patient’s real environment with responsibility, accountability and even autonomy built into every element of our day. 


Our goal is to send young men out into the world who have a taste for the joy and freedom that comes with remission from a substance use disorder, and who will seek out healthy relationships with parents, friends, employers, teachers and local twelve step communities. 

Who We Treat

Who We Treat

Voyage Recovery treats young adult men with substance use disorders, and their family. We are experts in developmentally sound treatment for the age group we serve. 


The men we treat are all dealing with the same complex disorder, and the very specific issues that disorder raises in their developmental process. Understanding that substance use disorders often present with significant co-occurring issues, Voyage treats men who have a primary diagnosis within the substance use disorder spectrum. 

Treatment for young adult men with substance use disorders


If there is some other issue which is a young man’s primary diagnosis, and Voyage is not the most appropriate place to treat him, we will assist him and his family in finding the best referral possible. In some cases this may mean that before a man can come to Voyage for addiction rehabilitation, he may have to seek psychiatric evaluation and stabilization. Any family who reaches out to Voyage for help will get it, and we will work to find the right place for every struggling young man.


In cases of psychiatric diagnoses, many men come to treatment believing that they can continue on medications they perceive as safe. While definitions of abstinence and recovery are not universal, Voyage does not advocate for the use of any mind or mood altering substances, including any drugs prescribed to address or mask substance use disorder symptoms. The admissions team will work with you to determine any conflict with medications, and those conflicts will be addressed during the detox process. 

Getting Started

Getting Started

Admission at Voyage is a simple, collaborative process. We will walk you through every step of the way. Our primary objective is to make sure that we are the right fit for each patient and their family. On the occasion that Voyage is not the right fit, our admissions team, which consists of all clinical and medical staff at our facility, will work to find the best solution possible. Once you call us, we will work with you until the patient finds the right place. 


You may begin the admissions process whenever you’re ready by contacting us through this website or phoning us. 


One of our team will begin with a substance use disorder screening to gather as much history as we can. Once we have that information, the clinical and medical staff meet to discuss treatment options. You will be contacted at the conclusion of that meeting, and we will review the staff recommendations with you. 


Once it is determined that Voyage is the best place for the patient and family, the next step is medical stabilization at detox. We will establish a date to begin detox and coordinate with the family and patient to make travel happen as quickly and safely as possible. If the patient requires support during travel, Voyage will work with your family, and in some cases will assist in finding outside support to make that transition easier. 


Upon arrival, we’ll meet with the family and patient, and as the young man moves on to his next meeting with medical staff we can spend time with the family to chat, tour the residence and shore-up the life-saving decision your family has just made. Whatever you’re feeling at this moment, we understand because we’ve been there too. 


Voyage treats the entire family as our patient. Our support extends from the young man with a substance use disorder to his family, and it is our pleasure to provide each of you with guidance and compassion every step of the way.

Ocean Water

Your family’s recovery is the journey of a lifetime

You’ve made it this far on your own,

 let us guide you through the next phase of your journey. 


Financial Information

Voyage Recovery addresses the individual, his family, and his environment, and the fee we quote you for our program is inclusive of all major costs. This includes a young man’s duration of stay with us, all meals, his treatment, all experiential outings, and the Family Program.


We understand the significant investment being asked of our families, guardians, and sponsors when considering Voyage Recovery. We work diligently with third-party insurance billing providers to help our families leverage insurance wherever possible. 


Insurance reimbursement can vary widely depending on an individual's policy and allowable benefits. Please click the button below if you wish to verify our ability to work with your insurance plan.


For any questions you have about financial arrangements at Voyage Recovery Center you can email us at or phone us at 772-245-8345.

What to Pack

What to Bring to Voyage

When packing for your stay at Voyage Recovery Center, keep in mind that we are in the Tropics.


From March until November the weather in South Florida is hot and rainy; December through February can be cooler. 


Patients should bring:

  • government issued photo ID

  • their medical insurance card

  • a list of names and phone numbers of family members and health care professionals

  • a list of all medications, including dosages, as well as any known allergies

  • toiletries including shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shaving supplies


The Voyage residence includes laundry facilities and supplies, so patients should pack enough clothing for 7 days. Also recommended is athletic attire and shoes, a swimsuit, flip flops or sandals, a light jacket or rain jacket, and a hat. Note that clothing containing drug or alcohol references is prohibited.


Patients can bring family photos or personal books, but are asked not to bring anything exceeding $500 in value. 


Tobacco products are permitted along with e-cigarettes, however all e-cigarette devices are limited only to pod systems (ie Juul) and all pods must be purchased under supervision by Voyage Staff. 


Patients should not bring: 

  • phones, tablets, computers or personal gaming devices

  • over-the-counter medications, herbal products or vitamin supplements

  • colognes

  • mouthwash with alcohol  

  • weapons

  • pornography


All personal items will be checked by one of our staff members upon arrival. Inappropriate items will be sent home. Contact our Admissions team with questions about specific items.

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