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Voyage Recovery


The Family Program

The treatment program at Voyage unites self, family, and environment through practice and more practice in redefining healthy relationships in all three areas.


The family program at Voyage begins long before the actual on-site week. 


Each family member that is planning to participate in the program will meet with the primary counselor to review family expectations, receive a weekly assignment list, and to schedule follow up calls relative to that process. The family conferences that occur weekly will address assignments. 


When the time comes for the weeklong on-site program, we ask families to plan on coordinating travel to be in Jupiter on a Sunday, with the conclusion of the program set for the following Friday afternoon. Voyage staff will assist you every step of the way in coordinating travel and lodging. 


On Sunday evening, family members are invited to attend community dinner. This is the one night a week where the men cook for each other and any approved guests. 


On Monday morning the families will meet with Kevin Bandy at the clinical office. We’ll spend the day reviewing lessons learned in the assignments leading up to the week, developing goals for the week, and integrating some important operational definitions for elusive words like “enabling,” and “codependency.” 


From Tuesday until the Thursday, the families will integrate with the patients, following the patient’s clinical schedule, attending groups and family sessions. These days allow the family to work with the patient in a structured setting where they have the support of the other families, and the patient’s peers. The patient benefits from the ability to work with their family in the same supportive environment. 


During this time the objective is to develop an understanding of the thinking and communication errors that contributed to dysfunction in the family. Practicing effective communication with the help of staff and the group is a game-changer. 


On Friday the families will separate from the main group and meet together with staff to share their experiences together, without the patient present. This practice underscores the importance of family members learning to seek support and understanding from each other versus relying on communication and change on the part of the patient to experience relief. At the end of that day, each family member will set their own goals for ongoing personal development, and identify a peer in that group to be accountable to weekly on those goals. 

Ocean Water

Your family’s recovery is the journey of a lifetime

You’ve made it this far on your own,
let us guide you through the next phase of your journey. 

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