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Voyage Recovery


Voyage sees the patient and the family as one


We honor this dynamic with a Family Program that engages both the patient and their family in the treatment process with compassion, intensity and purpose.


We cannot change our genetics, but we can change our behaviors and beliefs. This requires introspection and action on the part of the family. Effective treatment must address each patient’s core support system, the family role in ongoing recovery, the damage done during addiction, and the complex triggers as a result of poor communication in the past. Attitude and understanding about recovery from a substance use disorder play a monumental role in successful remission.

Get better together

It’s crucial that we come together—patient, family and Voyage clinical staff—to create a plan that puts young men in the sweet spot for lifelong remission.


Addiction hurts everyone in the family, and recovery requires the patient to be accountable for their past and future role in that family. We ask the same of the families through their attendance of the week long Family Program. While the patient works on himself, Voyage counselors work with your family to prepare you for the healing challenge of that program.


The family involvement will begin at the same time the patient’s treatment starts. We will use weekly assignments, assessments, and ultimately the family program to help your family find balance. 


The Voyage team understands that everyone’s definition of family is unique. We will work together to determine the “immediate” family for each young man here. The immediate family will all complete in-depth written assessments that will be reviewed by the clinical team, and serve to create treatment plans for all involved. We are always grateful to hear all voices in the patient’s life, but our focus will be intensified on the immediate family’s relationships. 


The men will participate in weekly family calls wherein they will focus on what they are doing in treatment. The family members on the call will focus on their progress as it relates to their own assignments. Meeting in the present, with all hands on deck, will promote the kind of action that defines a growing recovery. 


We expect each family member to honor their assignments, and if nothing else, to trust that the work is relevant to the success of their loved one.

Learn more about the experience of families​ like yours
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Real families, real recovery

Young men have a much better chance of finding lasting healing when they have the support of their families. That's why we support families through their own journey of recovery with tailored programs. 

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Family exercises for recovery

Families find their own healing with Voyage, through a program that helps them to speak with intention, explore their family dynamic, and understand how their loved one has impacted them.

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In your own words

Since first opening in early 2017, Voyage has been working closely with clinical professionals, venerable treatment centers and families to provide young men with the care they need to find lasting recovery.

Family Resources

Your family’s recovery is the journey of a lifetime

You’ve made it this far on your own,

 let us guide you through the next phase of your journey. 

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