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Real Families, Real Recovery

Family participation in the recovery process is crucial and we are honored by the trust and commitment families give us.

Family members are deeply affected by their loved one’s addiction and need their own path to recovery, and family recovery creates a much healthier environment in support of their loved one’s recovery.

At Voyage, we put a heavy emphasis on family support. Each week our clinical staff spends time working directly with the families of our patients. Families are given information and assignments to complete each week in preparation for Family Program. For five amazing and transformative days, family members join us at our facility in Hobe Sound, Florida, for a family-centric program of learning, growth and self-care that families do in tandem with their loved one and on their own.

We have group sessions for the families only, and some sessions that incorporate the patient as well. We also schedule individual family session times with a counselor to address family-specific issues away from the group, and to process any issues that may not be appropriate for a larger forum.

We provide education about the family disease, as well as engaging exercises to explore family systems, communication, codependency, continuing care and so much more, with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Our families have been extremely satisfied with our family week overall; they say they enjoy meeting our staff, seeing their progress of their loved ones and learning about recovery.

“We made an excellent choice in sending [our son] here.

Kevin is a gifted therapist and perfect for these young adults.”

“Very powerful. Very emotional. Very insightful.”

“Having group sessions with [our son] was very valuable.

Sharing the positive impact that we as families can have on the outcome was refreshing.

Knowing that you will help develop and tailor the after care program is very important.”

“I’m confident we’re in a better place as a family than when we came.”

“This was life-changing! This opened my eyes to how my communication style clashes

with my addict… I feel hopeful now that I can start building a strong foundation

to better his recovery and to make myself happy as well.”

Are you interested in learning more about our family program, and how family members grow, heal and find their own path to recovery? Call us at (772) 245-8345 or request a call back.


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