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Alex Warner

Alex Warner


Alex is a successful entrepreneur. He's a seed investor and on the Board of Directors of, the worlds leading peer-to-peer boat marketplace. Alex also owns and oversees Gulfstream Boat Club and Gulfstream Yacht Managment.

Alex co-founded Voyage because he believes that men get better with good treatment. He found recovery in 2007, and credits the creative clinical approach of that treatment center with the freedom he enjoys today. Giving back and helping young men recover is at the core of his values.

Following treatment, Alex built his success from scratch working at a local marina. He has since built and invested in a number of businesses in the marine and travel/hospitality space.

When an opportunity presented itself to co-found a treatment center for young adult men, he shifted his focus to his passion for recovery and now plays a hands-on role with the team at Voyage.

Alex brings to Voyage a keen understanding of what it takes to be a mission-driven company from start to success. Beyond Voyage, Alex is a devoted philanthropist; he is a board member of Delray Beach Boys and Girls Club, and the Warner Foundation.

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