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Brad Sylvain

Brad Sylvain



For more than 15 years, Brad has dedicated his career to the healthcare sector, with a focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Brad’s career began in an outpatient setting where he worked with juveniles before joining the Hanley Center in 2012. At the Hanley Center, he wore many hats, starting from the ground up and eventually serving as the Director of Admissions. During his time there he managed operations and spent three years as the Executive Director, overseeing all Hanley Center treatment centers. In the last three years, Brad stepped into a Vice President role, overseeing the entirety of the organization, including critical areas like Admissions and the revenue cycle. This position allowed Brad to make a broader impact, shaping their approach to treatment and ensuring they could offer the best care possible.

What really drives Brad is the work he does with young adult men struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Having been sober for over 20 years, this work isn't just professional for Brad—it's personal. He sees a bit of himself in every young man he helps, and it's this connection that makes his role not just a job, but a calling.

His own journey to sobriety equipped Brad with a unique perspective. It's not just about helping young men get sober, it's about helping them rediscover their potential and guiding them towards a fulfilling life beyond addiction

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