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Drew Hall

Drew Hall



Drew, originally from North Carolina, discovered his love for the outdoors in his early years and developed hobbies that include fishing, water sports, snowboarding, and mountain biking.

He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from East Carolina University. Facing personal struggles with addiction, Drew sought help in 2019, embracing a journey towards long-term sobriety. After successfully completing a treatment program, Drew relocated to Jupiter.

Joining Voyage in 2021 as a Behavioral Health Technician, Drew unearthed his passion for working in the field. Guided by his own transformative experience, he worked his way up to the role of Admissions Counselor.

In this capacity, Drew extends a compassionate hand to individuals navigating the challenging path to recovery, drawing on his firsthand experience of the journey. His commitment to aiding others on their path to recovery defines Drew's professional mission as he strives to make a positive impact at Voyage.

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