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John Cogelia

John Cogelia



John’s journey with substance abuse treatment began in 2010 when he sought help for his own substance abuse problem. With the support of his family, he attended a long-term treatment center in South Florida. He was inspired by the individuals who went above and beyond to provide quality care to join the field.

John has worked in treatment since 2012, a career-path centered around helping others on their own path to recovery. He was drawn to Voyage because of the degree of compassion and dedication apparent throughout the entire staff.

Starting at Voyage as a Behavioral Health Technician, John completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration from Florida Atlantic University. John has since progressed to the role of Compliance and Quality Assurance Officer. In this role John is able to draw on his passion for process improvement and his experience in the field to help improve Voyage and the overall experience of our patients.

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