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Matt Marchese

Matt Marchese



Matt is a Voyage alumni who discovered a passion for free-diving and the ocean during his time at Voyage, and later went on to become a certified free-diving instructor.

Free-diving has helped Matt find ways to relate to his mind and the world around him in a new way. It requires him to relax and make slow deliberate movements in the midst of stress and discomfort—skills which are extremely beneficial in recovery. Meditation and mindfulness have enabled him to apply those skills in his recovery and everyday life.

As Experiential Director Matt leads patients on outings such as free-diving and spearfishing, where they are immersed in the saltwater and beautiful landscapes of South Florida. He encourages the men to push past their perceived limits, empowering them to believe that they are more capable and worthy. Matt assists the men in practicing mindfulness during experientials, and using the experience to gain insight into their emotional and mental state.

Matt has earned the credential CRPS: Certified Recovery Peer Specialist. This designation is for people who use their lived experience and skills learned in training to help others achieve and maintain recovery and wellness from mental health and/or substance use conditions.

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