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Voyage Recovery

PROGRAM / outpatient services

To better serve the community of Martin County and beyond, Voyage Recovery Center provides outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program services. 


The clinical team at Voyage Recovery can help individuals who are struggling with a wide range of issues find the help and healing they need. 


Once you’ve reviewed our programs, contact us to schedule your free 30 minute consultation to determine if you or someone you care about is a fit for Voyage Recovery Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Program. 

Outpatient Services


The clinical team at Voyage Recovery can help individuals who are struggling with a wide range of issues find the help and healing they need. 

Individual Counseling


Individual counseling sessions utilizing a variety of approaches dependent on each person's needs. All individual therapy is geared towards a solution based approach. 

Therapeutic issues are addressed through a range of approaches including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Approaches, Family Systems Counseling, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.


Court Supportive Services

The clinical team at Voyage has decades of experience in supporting patients that are involved in the judicial system. Navigating the requirements of the court is second nature to our team. DUI, Family Law issues, Probation, Pre-Trial Adjudication, and less formal support during the pre-trial period are all areas that we can assist you with.


Comprehensive Substance Use Evaluations

Knowing there is something wrong, may be wrong, or even that people are suggesting there is a problem when you can’t see it yourself, requires professional attention. An evaluation at Voyage includes the formal assessment done one on one with a counselor, and then a review of that assessment and recommendations. The process typically ranges from 1-2 hours, with a follow up session to address the recommendations.


Family Counseling

Addiction affects roughly one in ten people directly. The impact of addiction on the family is immeasurable. So often the person struggling with addiction is doing their best to isolate themselves, hide their use, and strike out when questioned about what is going on. Family members are usually the first line of intervention. Voyage family counseling is able to assist in education on substance use disorders, support when a patient refuses, or enters, a treatment facility, and as family members look at their own issues, provide experienced local resources when needed. Services include groups and individual counseling.

Free consultation with a clinician

Asking for help, when you aren’t sure what help will look like, is a courageous step. A clinician from the Voyage team will help you determine what the next step should be. Consultations are typically thirty minutes and you can expect an experienced counselor to hear the overview of your concerns, and recommend the next level of care whether that is simply to seek an evaluation, or to enter a formal treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Program


The clinical team at Voyage Recovery can help individuals who are struggling with a wide range of issues find the help and healing they need. 


Voyage Recovery Center in Hobe Sound, Florida provides substance use disorder treatment with an evening schedule that accommodates work, school, and other daily obligations. 


Our Intensive Outpatient Program is supported through the inclusion of family, regular drug and alcohol screening, and documented involvement in Twelve Step, faith-based, or behavioral community support groups beyond our doors. 

Learn, Apply, Process, Repeat

Group sessions are hosted each week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and we schedule individual sessions each week. Patients benefit from evidence-based modalities of care and an introduction to the Twelve Steps


We believe that recovery happens when patients learn new habits and behaviors in group and individual sessions, then practice what they have learned in real life situations. Our groups then provide patients the opportunity to process their day and explore how they applied their recovery skills and to what effect. This helps to galvanize positive behaviors and isolate and deconstruct negative behaviors in real time. 


Collaborative Treatment Planning

Treatment begins with a substance use disorder assessment that is reviewed by our treatment team and used as the basis to develop a plan for the right level of care, then that plan is reviewed with the individual. 


Dual Diagnosis & Co-Occurring Disorders

It isn't unusual for individuals with substance use disorders to have a dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Our patients are often also struggling with anxiety, depression, and troubling personality traits separate from their substance issues. 


When needed, patients will receive a Psychiatric evaluation. Those who require additional support receive a combined approach of Psychiatry and mental health counseling as recommended. 


Family Counseling & Support

In some cases, family counseling will be recommended to underpin the recovery of the entire family, which may include parents, siblings, and spouses.


Family counseling at Voyage Recovery provides education on addiction, support for families when the individual goes to treatment or refuses treatment, and referral to local support resources. Individual and group counseling provided as needed.


Other services at Voyage Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program may include experiential programming, a nutritional and wellness assessment, and support with legal, vocational, and academic issues

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