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Welcome to the Voyage Blog

Our team travels around the country talking to respected clinicians -- therapists, psychiatrists, collegiate recovery directors, program directors, interventionists and others -- with an aim to tell more folks about our program, but also to hear about what professionals in our industry are saying.

How is our industry really serving our population of young people struggling with substance use disorders and their families, and where could we do better? What programs are helping folks find lasting and joyful recovery, and what's their secret? What do our own alumni appreciate most about their time with us, and how can we improve on that experience for future patients?

When we're at home, we're answering calls from parents -- moms and dads who are emotionally and mentally exhausted by worrying about their child, family members and loved ones who are about ready to give up on a young man who they have watched struggle for months and even years.

We're passionate about the work we do at Voyage Recovery Center, and we want to share that passion with you through the stories, the memories, the hopes and the dreams of our staff, our patients and our alumni.

Whether you're the parent of a young man struggling with a substance use disorder or a professional in the recovery industry, I hope you enjoy the words and pictures we share in the space, and I hope you call us for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you or someone in your care find lifelong remission from addiction.

Call us or email us anytime at 772-245-8345 or

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